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Upgraded Finishes:

Thanks to our top of the line bed polisher, we are able to offer an array of finishes to almost any natural stone on our lot without breaking the bank.  These finishes do not effect the durability or maintenance of the stone.  



















Polished - This is the standard finish that almost every slab comes to us with. A polished finish will give the stone a slick and smooth feeling and appearance while also making some colors reflective just like a mirror.


Honed - A slab with a honed finish will still have a slick and smooth quality about it; however, it will not have the same shine or mirror like finish as a polished piece. Honed finishes have gained popularity in recent years especially with the darker colored stones.


Leathered - Leathered pieces will have a slight texture to them as well as being honed.  This gives your top a more natural look and is a great option for your outdoor kitchen, or for just making a room more unique.  


Caressed - A caressed edge takes traits from both leathered and polished.  This finish will give you the texture of a leathered finish but it will have a polish or shine to it.  This is a very unique edge and one of our personal favorites here at Unique to really dress up your project.  

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