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From start to finish Unique Granite cares about your project just as much as you do.  With over 10 years of experience in the stone industry, we have the experience and skills necessary to complete your project with the level of attention and detail it deserves.  No project is too big or too small.  Stop by or contact us today to see how we can help you make your dream project a reality.

Click on the pictures below to learn more about each stone and to see our inventory.


Kitchens are the most popular applications for natural and engineered stone counter tops.  We have installed thousands of kitchens over the years which gives us the experience necessary to deliver you the product you deserve.

Vanities are a great way to let your personality come out and help us leave you with a truly one of a kind piece.  From every day to full on custom pieces, we have what it takes to make your bathroom beautiful.

Not all fireplaces have to be done in brick and tile.  Let us change your dated and worn out fireplace into the accent piece that your home deserves.

Outdoor Fire Pit
Outdoor Kitchens

What better material to build your outdoor fire pit from then a rock. Granite has a very high heat resistance and when setup properly will brave not only the elements, but your campfire as well.

Give your neighbors something they can truly envy you for.  With a custom stone outdoor living area you are sure to be the talk of the town. We even have finishes and edges to make your grill feel as though it grew there out of the Earth.

Stone doesn't have to stay in the kitchen or bath.  By putting stone on a piece of furniture you are not only making your furniture look beautiful and unique, but you are expanding your possibilities for how you use it as well.  A buffet with a stone top can help add precious serving space for dishes that would normally harm the wood underneath.


Slabsmith is one of the processes that helps to set us apart from other companies.  With this technology we are able to take exotic stones and be able to get a visual representation of your seams before we ever make the first cut.

If you want to set your bathroom apart with something that will really make you say, "Wow" every time you walk in you should look at our stone showers. They offer an extraordinary visual experience along with the practicality of built in shelves.

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