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What to Expect:


**A typical job will take 2-3 weeks from measure to install providing that all information is given to us at or before template.  Please read the following sections to know what is needed each step of the way.**


      When you make the trip to our slab yard to look around at our Selection, make the most of it by knowing what to expect and what to bring.  First and foremost our slabs are housed outside so please be sure to dress for the weather.  We do our best to keep the yard in the best shape possible; however, due to our line of work and the wonderfully predictable Kentucky weather, please be sure to wear boots or shoes that you wouldn't mind getting a little dirty.  

      If you are coming in to look at some of our Quartz lines, please understand that we order each slab in on a need be basis and therefore will only have samples to choose from.  This is not the ideal way to do things when looking at natural stone; however, when dealing with man-made products; they are consistent enough to make this method work.  We strive to keep the most up-to-date product lines and colors possible.  

      While walking around our yard looking at our hundreds of colors to choose from, to make the selection easier you should bring any samples with you that you have acquired so far.  This includes things such as cabinet doors, backsplash, paint or whatever else you may have to help with your selection.  The slab you see will be the slab you get, so rest assured we will not simply show you one piece of a color and then use a different slab all together which may or may not look like the product that you viewed and signed off on.

      Last but not least, if you have house plans, drawings, or could make up a rough sketch of the area(s) that you need our services in, please bring these along as it will make both the selection and pricing easier and more accurate.  Appointments are not required but are welcome. Please plan on spending somewhere between 30 min to 1 hour with one of our sales associates as we strive to find you the perfect piece of stone for your project(s).  Please take a look at our Products page to see some of what we offer from stone to sinks, faucets and more. 


      In order for us to template for your counter tops there are a few things that need to be taken care of first.  For starters, all cabinet work will need to be completed.  If you are getting new cabinets, having any modifications done, or removing and putting them back in, all of these things must be taken care of before we can make our final measurement.  We use state of the art equipment to digitally measure your cabinets and walls with the most precision possible.  Rest assured that no matter how crooked your walls are or how odd of a shape your cabinets make, we will be able to replicate that with your new tops.

      Additionally, all faucets and sinks not purchased though Unique must be on site at the time of template.  If you are getting a farm sink from another vendor, this will have to be mounted in place before we come measure as well.  If you have any questions, please Contact Us or visit our page on Farm Sinks to see what needs to be in place.  Lastly, we will need your cooktop/ range/oven to be on site for us to be able to pull both measurements and model numbers to see if your device requires special install instructions.  After the template is complete we will begin our digital drawing of your counter tops the next day and if we have any questions we will be contacting you at this point.

      As with installs, we will need someone to be home for the entire duration of the template.  We initially need the person whose name is on the contract; however, if this is not possible, we do have the option of a signature release that would allow for someone over 18 years of age to sign off on the template.  The average template will last somewhere between 30 min to 1 hour and will require the homeowner or designated person to make decisions such as overhang as well as verify some previous details that were decided upon with our sales staff.  


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      During the actual fabrication process we will have little reason to contact you.  After the initial drawing is made and all questions are answered, we will then move on to a hand inspection of the slab before we begin cutting.  This allows us to look for any potential problem spots as well as assess the best possible layout for your seams.  If you have an exotic stone this is the stage in which we will use our Slabsmith technology and send you the rendering of your counter tops.  If you have chosen one of our Premium Upgraded Finishes, we will at this point apply that finish to the stone of your choice and ask that you come to view it one more time before we cut to ensure that it has turned out the way you were expecting.  

      After all of these things are out of the way we are able to move your stone through our shop quickly and accurately.  After cutting on our twin table saw/ water jet combo, any thin strips (front and back of the sink rail) will be rodded for extra strength and stability.  This will help prevent breaks and cracks in the most vulnerable places.  Next your stone will run on one of our two CNC's.  These will apply the proper edging to your counter tops before they are hand inspected and touched up as needed.  


      Finally the day you have been looking forward to has come, but before our crew will be able to install your counter tops we do need a few things in order.  Outside we will need room to park a truck and trailer (either in the driveway or the street in front of your house), and a clear path into the work area.  The materials we deal with are very heavy and we would appreciate the shortest path possible.  Also, due to the weight of the product, our delivery crew must keep their boots on in order to maintain traction for a safe delivery.  Please keep this in mind if you have delicate floors that may need to be protected. Also, in the winter months if you have an icy driveway or sidewalk that is unable to be cleared, please call and notify us before we are scheduled to be there.  We will not attempt an install in these conditions for the safety of our employees and your counter tops.  

      If Unique Granite is NOT doing the removal and disposal of your old counter tops, we will need for all previous tops, permanent or temporary, to be removed from the top of your cabinets as well as sinks disconnected and moved out of the way.  The sink cabinet will also need to be cleared out to allow for our installers to be able to attach your sink to your counter top. (Please note, Unique Granite & Marble does not do any plumbing work.145 .)  If you have elected for the removal and disposal service, all you need to do is to clear out under your sink cabinet and remove the top drawers in your cabinets and place them in another room.  

      As with templates, we will need someone to be home for the entire duration of the install.  We initially need the person whose name is on the contract; however, if this is not possible, we do have the option of a signature release that would allow for someone over 18 years of age to sign off on the install.

      One of our staff members will contact you several days before we plan to install.  This hopefully will allow you to be able to clear your schedule long enough to meet us at your home.  The average install will take about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete.  During this time we will try to keep any dust or debris to a minimum by doing any necessary work outside if possible.  Unlike most companies in the industry, we do all of our fabrication possible in our shop to both shorten the time of our install as well as the impact it has on your home.  



      **After your install is complete we would love to hear back from you about how we did.  For this, please visit our Customer Survey page and let us know.  In addition to the survey we would appreciate any and all pictures of your completed project that you could provide us.**



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