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Granite is a natural stone that is both very beautiful and durable at the same time.  Being that it is a natural stone granite will have veining and variation that you will not find in Engineered Stone (quartz) .  Granite also has many other great features such as excellent stain, scratch, and heat resistance.  To learn more and check out some of the available options Click here.
Engineered Stone: (Quartz)
Engineered stone is a composite man made material comprising of rock and resin. Due to its excellent utility properties (strength, easy maintenance and cleaning, more consistent appearance) engineered stones are very suitable for any use inside buildings. They are resistant to high temperatures, chemicals, abrasion, scratches and cuts as well as produced in a wide range of colors and textures.  Click here to view some of the available color options and brands.



With bold, beautiful veining soapstone will not be one to disappoint.  Soapstone is another natural stone like granite and marble.  Soapstone has some remarkable characteristics to it such as extreme heat resistance as well as extreme resistance to both acids and bases.  Even though soapstone is incredibly dense and durable, it does have a tendency to scratch much easier than most stones. This doesn't have to be a bad thing however; many older homes that have original soapstone counter tops now sport a unique patina that is only given by time and use.  Click here to view more inventory and options.



Often imitated and never duplicated, marble has a one of a kind look that can prove to be timeless when properly done. With its bold veining and stark colors marble is sure to create a dramatic effect wherever you choose to put it.  Click here to view more inventory and options but please keep in mind that this beautiful stone does vary every time we bring it in and should be seen in person to be truly appreciated.  



Quartzite is an extremely stong and durable natural stone with extreme veining. It can create a statement when used correctly. Click Here to view inventory however each piece of quartzite has its own story to tell and should be viewed in person to fully appreciate its beauty.



Often imitated and never duplicated, Limestone has a one of a kind look that can prove to be timeless when properly done.  Click here to view more inventory and options.  

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