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Farm Sink Mounting:

What Qualifies:

If you are using a custom stone sink, apron porcelain, copper sink, or even an under mount cast iron sink in an existing cabinet you will need to do some slight modifications to allow your sink to not only fit but to also be properly supported.  These sinks can weigh anywhere from 70-150 lbs. and even more when filled with water.

What's Needed:

You will need to modify your existing cabinet and install proper support such as a 2x4 framed box platform attached to the inside of the sink cabinet walls.  You may also build a plywood platform to support the weight of the sink and attachments, if doing this, be sure to allow space for water and disposal lines.  The platform or 2x4 supports must be placed in such a way to allow the top of the sink to reach the top of the cabinets.   


All cabinet work must be completed before we can schedule the template for your counter tops.  

If you have any questions, please Contact Us at 270-685-5683.

Custom Stone Sinks:

Here at Unique Granite, not only do we offer a variety of off the shelf sinks, but we also have the ability to custom make beautiful sinks out of the same stone we use on your counter tops.  With this option we have complete control of the finished product to make it the appropriate depth, width and divide that you are looking for. 

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